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Zach Mandel
United States
I like Riolu, Pokemon and other things. I add what I like and do what I please.

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Job(s) on Deviantart:

- Fanfic Writer
- Owner of the Green Team, Team Young, and Tribal
- Founder of :iconpokemonteamyoung:

DA Family:

:iconlucaria-rukario: - Lucario mother
:iconcaitlinthelucario: - Lucario sister
:iconpazlin: - Sableye brother
:iconarkreon: - Gliscor sister
:iconnicky24512: - Shiny Riolu brother
:iconsjru: - Dragonite brother
:iconfierysintle: - Riolu brother
:iconcmara: - Shiny Pikachu sister

Greatest artists I adore (featured artists):

:iconpazlin: Colon by Djidji-Thirbaan Babysitting by PazlinBone Rush by PazlinProtector by PazlinShy In Front Of Your Crush by PazlinEbola Infection by PazlinLives In Danger - Drunk by PazlinPokemon Friends Cover by PazlinThe Wonderful History by PazlinAll Dreams Failed by PazlinRiolu Friends by Pazlin

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:iconcrispokefan: Colon by Djidji-Thirbaan Pokemon Tribe designs (3 of 5) by CrisPokeFanpokemon tribe design (2 of 5) by CrisPokeFanPokemon Tribe designs (1 of 5) by CrisPokeFanNick the prey by CrisPokeFanTY's Hunger Games by CrisPokeFanTeam Young Cover by CrisPokeFan

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:iconcmara: Colon by Djidji-Thirbaan Sneaking around Freddy's by cmaraTY: Nerelia the Medic by cmaraTY: Melissa the Spy by cmaraTY: Nick the Engineer by cmaraTY: Zach the Sniper by cmaraTY: Tom the Scout by cmaraCarly talks to Zach by cmaraTY: Aladdin by cmaragrown up Team Young by cmaraNewest Team Young Cover by Cmara by Zach-USAGG: Amazing Pokemon? by cmaraTom x Nick by Cmara by Zach-USAGreen Team by cmaraHappy Birthday, Zach by cmaraEntry: Zach x Melissa by cmara

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:iconwinick-lim: Colon by Djidji-Thirbaan Babies Room by Winick-LimHeaven Bliss by Winick-LimAlways Together by Winick-LimZach-USA [Hold On!] by Winick-LimZach-USA [Forever] by Winick-LimZach-USA [What happened to us?] by Winick-Lim

Awesome other people:


USA Stamp by LyinRyan Support Freedom Stamp by pixelworlds Constitution fan by Ramen27 Riolu Stamp by NoNamepje PewDiePie Stamp by TwilightProwler Maroon 5 Stamp ll by KrisderpHunger Games - Stamp by DeathSoofUchiha

New request wanted, good old days

Journal Entry: Fri Mar 27, 2015, 7:15 PM
Microsoft Windows [Version 0.0.0001 BETA]
Copyright <c> 12,000 BC Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.


Team Young as the Chipmunks and Chipettes featuring Mooncheeks the Kirlia (:iconpazlin:). You see, I love this part of "The Chipmunk Adventure:" (please watch whole thing so you know what I'm talking about, video starts at 0:04)

That's right! The Boys and Girls of Rock and Roll! Love that part. I'd like a request with the 6 characters as they are listed below with accessories as follows:


- Zach the Riolu - Alvin - Blue cap (still keeps blue bandana and brown eyes)
- Nick the Nuzleaf - Simon - blue sunglasses (Aviators, shades 50% dark, needs to see eyes a bit)
- Tom the Oshawott - Theadore - (keep his red mask and everything


- Melissa the Buneary - Britney - Pink skirt (keep pink fluff)
- Mooncheeks the Kirlia (:iconpazlin:) - Jeanette - Pink aviators (same as Nick's), 
- Nerelia the Oshawott - Eleanor - purple bowtie 

Ending Windows session...

Which of these historical facts is most shocking to you? (They are all true) 

8 deviants said 5,500 Bombs from World War II have been dug up in Germany and more bombs continue to be found in Europe every year
5 deviants said Vladmir Lenin's body is still preserved at the Kremlin in Moscow, Russia after 88 years
5 deviants said English actually originates from Germanic
4 deviants said England, Scotland, and Ireland hate each other.
1 deviant said The machine gun was the first new weapon that started all the others in World War I
No deviants said The first Industrial Revolution only involved the textile industry, the 2nd was steel and electricity



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HotRodz234 Featured By Owner 2 hours ago  Student Digital Artist
Pretty neat art!
Zach-USA Featured By Owner 2 hours ago
I dont consider it art but thnx
HotRodz234 Featured By Owner 2 hours ago  Student Digital Artist
Then what is it? 
Zach-USA Featured By Owner 2 hours ago
computer graphics work mostly....retraces and's been given so dont worry 
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RoqqR Featured By Owner 4 hours ago  Hobbyist Photographer
Thank you for the fav on Southern Minechen! :D
Zach-USA Featured By Owner 3 hours ago
np. that was really good 
shadow-adoptions Featured By Owner 1 day ago
Can I be in your DA family?
Zach-USA Featured By Owner 1 day ago
lad, to me, one does not ask to be in their family. One must earn their trust and rightful place
shadow-adoptions Featured By Owner 1 day ago
By the way, I'm :iconpoopydoopers: I switched accounts.
Zach-USA Featured By Owner 1 day ago
what reason does one switch? 
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